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Cargo delivery from the Emirates(UAE) to Saudi Arabia

World Post cargo delivery and shipping service understands the importance of international trade and business ties between the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula with the free access to the Red Sea and a Persian Gulf coasts. Both countries show incredible economic growth and this shipping direction is of high demand at the international cargo delivery market. Bordering on the east with the United Arab Emirates, every day tons of different cargoes are imported to the Kingdom from the UAE. Due to perfect transport infrastructure of these Arab states, it takes few time and effort. World Post is at your disposal to make fast and secure shipping from the UAE.

How does World Post deliver from the UAE to Saudi Arabia?

World Post offers partners and customers various shipping and delivery options from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. Being so many years involved in logistic business, we know how important to have efficient and reliable shipping service. Our Team is dedicated to provide the best delivery solutions for your cargo. Shipping with World Post to Saudi Arabia makes the whole delivery framework clear, affordable and in a timely manner. All you need to order freight delivery from Emirates is to get in touch with World Post in any convenient way.

World Post delivery service provides cargo shipping from Emirates to Saudi Arabia through:

Air Freight from the UAE to Saudi Arabia

World Post aims at providing fast and reliable air freight services through most of Saudi Arabia airports. There are 35 airports at the Kingdom that allows smooth cargo shipping from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. The main airports in Saudi Arabia are King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh and King Fahd International Airport in Dammam. At the same time, King Abdulaziz International Airport is the busiest airport, especially during the Hajj season.

Sea freight from the UAE to Saudi Arabia

World Post provides safe and high-quality sea freight services from the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks to close cooperation with the leading international shipping lines, we are in a position to offer the best rates for delivery by sea from the UAE. There are 20 ports in Saudi Arabia, some of them lay on the Red Sea coast and others are on the Persian Gulf.

Here are some of the most important ports of Saudi Arabia:

World Post cargo delivery service in Saudi Arabia

If you have any questions regarding cargo delivery and shipping from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, you can contact our managers at any convenient time.

Our contacts in Saudi Arabia:

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