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Do you want to establish business with foreign partners and discover new markets? Quickly deliver and ship the cargo, whether it is commodities, auto spare parts, heavy equipment, textiles, electronics or something else? Reputation, reliability and quality, meeting deadlines, reasonable price, round-the-clock support play an important role for you?

World Post is always ready to help you and solve the most difficult problems. We are able to ensure the delivery of cargo as soon as possible in the most favorable and beneficial way for the client.

It is not in vain that we are called “World shipping service”. Our company operates worldwide. World post delivers cargo from the United Arab Emirates to Asia, America, Australia, Africa, Europe, the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.).

World Post Team has gained incredible experience in the field of international cargo delivery. Our managers practice an individual approach to each client and look for the most suitable way to deliver the goods, taking into account all needs and requirements.

We ship by all means – land, air and sea. Air freight is the best for urgent express delivery. This type of cargo delivery is considered to be quite expensive. However, thanks to close ties and contractual relationship with airlines, we are ready to offer a reasonable price. But shipping by sea will be an appropriate option, if it is necessary to transport large volumes of goods.

After the type, conditions and payment for the delivery are agreed, we take full responsibility for its shipping, storage and delivery. Due to the lack of intermediaries, delivery service becomes cheap and reliable at the same time.

Shipping control is carried out at all stages. It includes warehousing in the country of departure, customs clearance, loading and unloading, and, finally, delivery of goods to a warehouse in the country of destination.

It is not only us who monitor the cargo shipping process. This can be done by the client. To make it more convenient, our website allows you to check the information on where the cargo is, using the tracking number. The client can also contact the World Post Team at any time and get necessary information about the location and condition of the goods being shipped. Support is provided round the clock in any convenient way for the client – from phone to Skype.

The constant control by our cargo delivery service ensures its safety and arrival within the indicated time. We do not give up responsibility even in unforeseen force majeure circumstances and make every effort to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Those clients who appreciate the benefits of working with our cargo delivery service and strive for long-term cooperation will be provided preferential terms and a permanent reliable cargo delivery scheme.

World Post makes international delivery easy, fast and affordable. We save not only your money and time, but also efforts. You can ship or receive your cargo over many thousands of kilometers – even without leaving your home.

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World Post – cargo delivery, air, auto and sea freight from the UAE

World Post is a leader in express cargo delivery and international shipping from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) all over the world.

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