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Cargo delivery from the Emirates(UAE) to Ukraine

World Post company has established cargo delivery service that transports freight in timely manner and reliably from Emirates(UAE) to Ukraine. Being located in the geographical center of Europe, it is an ideal transportation hub to the EU, Middle East and Asia. Moreover, a lot of international cargo transportation corridors go through Ukraine, among them: Pan-European and Europe – Caucasus – Asia transportation corridor which unites Europe with Central Asia via the Black Sea, the Caucasus, and the Caspian Sea. The Ukrainian government is implementing numerous reforms in the field of the country’s infrastructure – airports, roadways, railways, sea and river ports, and the postal service. This fact greatly contributes to World Post cargo delivery service and enables shipping from the UAE to Ukraine.

How does World Post deliver from the UAE to Ukraine?

World Post offers exceptional cargo delivery services, connecting the United Arab Emirates with Ukraine. Our experienced Team has been involved more than 10 years in shipping cargoes to the Ukrainian cities and the specialists take a close look into all the details and peculiarities of the freight. Focusing on all client’s requirements, World Post provides the best working solution that does not affect the cost of delivery or deadline.

Our compnay provides a wide range of cargo delivery services from the UAE to Ukraine. We offer the following types of cargo delivery from Emirates to Ukraine:

Air Freight from the UAE to Ukraine

World Post provides reliable air freight services from the United Arab Emirates to Ukraine. With 19 international airports, Ukraine is able to grant brilliant opportunities for cargo deliveries by air from the UAE to the Ukrainian cities. The largest airports are situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. These international airports are Boryspil and Zhuliany. Others are scattered throughout the country and grounded on the largest cities of Ukraine, such as: Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and etc.

Sea freight from the UAE to Ukraine

In Ukraine there is the most powerful port potential for sea freight among all countries of the Black Sea. The country possesses 13 sea ports in the Black and Azov Seas and 16 river ports. The biggest Ukrainian ports Odessa, Chernomorsk and Pivdenny are located close to each other in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. These three ports account for more than one thirds of the total cargo turnover in Ukraine.

World Post cargo delivery service in Ukraine

If you have any questions regarding cargo delivery from the UAE to Ukraine, you can contact our managers at any convenient time.

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