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World Post tariffs on cargo delivery from the UAE

World Post is a reliable and convenient shipping service. Quality, experience, low tariffs, safety and lead time are the main criteria, encouraging our clients to opt for World Post. We offer the most interesting and competitive cargo delivery conditions, and accordingly the tariffs, relying on:

  • constantly rising cargo turnover
  • setting up new branches and discovering new countries
  • numerical growth of regular and new customers

Tariffs on cargo delivery

The United Arab Emirates with its impeccable business reputation provides excellent opportunities for any business. Thanks to the developed infrastructure and favorable investment climate, today the UAE is deserved considered to be the most powerful center of export, import and re-export. Emirates represents an ideal place for purchasing commodities, heavy equipment, auto parts, textiles, electronics and much more.

World Post offers all types of international shipping and delivery services from the United Arab Emirates all over the world, namely: cargo delivery, logistics, storage, insurance, foreign trade activities outsourcing, forwarding, and customs clearance.

World Post has been operating at the international postal delivery market for many years, and, of course, we are well aware that the decision about cargo delivery is made on the “matter of price”, i.e. tariffs on cargo delivery. There are a huge number of parameters, such as: the content of the cargo, its volume, the urgency of delivery, type of delivery, the current cargo consolidation, etc. There is no point in online calculating the shipping cost.

To check the final cost of delivery from the UAE, you just need to contact World Post in any convenient way and provide the following data:

  • Cargo information: classification, total weight and lot size;
  • City of dispatch and arrival of goods;
  • Urgency of the order;
  • Contact details

After receiving the request, World Post managers will get in touch with you you as soon as possible and give full information about the tariffs on delivery of your cargo.