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Cargo delivery from the Emirates(UAE) to the USA

Cargo delivery from the UAE to the USA is at high interest since both countries experience constant economic boom and have perfect infrastructure. Moreover, the United States of America occupies the fourth place on the area among countries between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The USA owns the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska and several islands in the West Pacific. It is curious that a country with such a huge territory – 9.5 million km2 – has only 2 state borders: in the north with Canada, and in the south with Mexico. However, the business ties and trade between Emirates and America are getting stronger and stronger and World Post delivery service is here to carry your cargo.

How does World Post deliver from the UAE to the USA?

World Post offers a wide range of logistics services for cargo delivery from the United Arab Emirates to the United States of America. We have more than 10 years of experience in successful cargo shipping, which allows our customers to expand their business potential, find new connections and open brilliant opportunities.

The US transport infrastructure is rightfully considered the most powerful and highly developed in the world. It ensures the continuous functioning of the country's economy. In the United States, all kinds of transport for cargo delivery are available: air, road, rail and water.

To your attention a list of cargo delivery types from World Post:

Air Freight from the UAE to the USA

If sea delivery is not an option for your cargo, since you need it fast to cope with your current deals, World Post is ready to provide reliable air freight service from Emirates to the USA. Experienced professionals at World Post are able to handle every aspect of the air delivery needs. Especially taking into the account that America is home to many world’s largest airports with huge cargo terminals and transport equipment, serving air freight from all over the world.

Sea Freight from the UAE to the USA

World Post sea freight service cooperates with a huge number of US seaports, which are located on the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. The largest ports are Anchorage, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Kenai in Alaska, Los Angeles, Miami. New Orleans, Norfolk in Virginia, New York, Pensacola in Florida, Portland in Maine, Houston.

World Post cargo delivery service in the USA

If you have any questions regarding cargo delivery from the UAE to the United States, you can contact our managers at any convenient time.

Our contacts in the USA:

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