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World Post - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment using your unique World Post tracking number on our website or you can get in touch with your personal World Post manager who will keep you updated.

What types of containers does World Post use?

High-capacity and durable containers suit perfectly for international cargo delivery.

World Post uses 20-foot containers, 40-foot standard containers, and 40-foot "High Cube" containers (with increased capacity).

  • A 20-foot container is the most popular in logistics because it is completely airtight and dustproof, thereby ensuring reliable transportation and cargo safety. The container has the following dimensions:
    • external (6.06 * 2.44 * 2.60 m);
    • internal (5.90 * 2.35 * 2.39 m) *.
  • A 40-foot standard container is perfect for transporting bulky and heavy cargoes. Dimensions of this type of container:
    • external (12.19 * 2.43 * 2.59 m);
    • internal (12.03 * 2.35 * 2.39 m) *.
  • A 40-foot "High Cube" container is a 40-foot container with increased height. As well as the standard 40-foot container, the 40-foot High Cube container is completely made of steel, sheathed with metal sheets, including doors that open the entire width, which is convenient and reliable when loading and unloading goods. Dimensions of this container:
  • external (12.19 * 2.44 * 2.859 m);
  • internal (12.03 * 2.35 * 2.69 m) *.
  • In case another type of containers is needed, World Post is ready to offer an individual solution for your cargo.

    * We have indicated the standard container sizes, however, the actual container dimensions may slightly vary, depending on the container’s manufacturer.

    How long does it take to deliver by sea?

    Sea freight lasts from 35-65 days, depending on the final destination. If you need more precise information for your cargo, please contact our World Post Team.

    How long does it take to deliver cargo by air?

    On average, air freight takes 4-6 business days. To check on the exact delivery time, please contact our World Post Team.

    How can I order cargo delivery with World Post from the UAE?

    To order cargo delivery from the UAE, you just need to contact World Post in any convenient way and provide the following data:

    • Cargo information: classification, total weight and lot size;
    • City of dispatch and arrival of goods;
    • Urgency of the order;
    • Contact details
    • After receiving the request, World Post managers will get in touch you as soon as possible and share full information with you.

    How does World post deliver?

    We deliver by air, sea, and land.

    What min and max cargo weight can World Post deliver?

    World Post transports cargoes from hundreds of kilograms to tens of tons.

    What cannot be delivered by World Post?

    World Post do not accept the following types of cargo: any type of firearms and weapons, signal, pneumatic, gas, ammunition, electroshock devices and spark arresters, as well as the main parts of firearms; Drugs of any origin, psychotropic substances; Radioactive substances; Gunpowder, explosive, caustic, flammable and other dangerous substances; Human remains and organs; Antiques Jewelry, precious metals and stones; Works of art; Publications of obscene nature and content, pornography in any form; Sparklers and fireworks; Gases in any package, including pepper and tear gases; Any fuel and empty containers from it; Paints and varnishes, any paints and solvents for them; Radioactive materials; Anticorrosive substances; Pipe cleaners; Substances rich in oxygen; Containers with aerosols; Cylinders for scuba diving; Tanks for propane; CO2 capacities; Powder; Dry ice; Lighters and gas stations for them.

    For more specific local cargo restrictions, we advise to check with your country’s customs on the official websites.

    What type of cargo does World Post deliver?

    World Post accepts tremendous number of cargoes for delivery, such as: consumer goods, heavy equipment and spare parts, auto parts and components, electronics, textiles and etc.

    In what countries does World Post operate?

    World Post provides cargo delivery from the UAE worldwide. We ship to Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe, the CIS countries.

    What does World Post offers?

    World Post offers full range of cargo delivery services, including: routing, packaging, delivery itself, customs clearance, cargo shipping, tracking and all other related activities.

    What is World Post?

    World Post is an international shipping service that provides cargo delivery from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) all over the world.